HEEEEAEEYYYYYYYY. It’s Weekly Planet time that’s what’s going on.

This week we get stuck into The Cloverfield Paradox as well as trailers for Venom, Deadpool and Solo.

Also news of the Joker origin film, Michael Bay directing a DC film, He-man losing a director and letters and what we reading and kidney stones and banking as a child in Australia.

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6:48 David Goyer leaves He-man
9:56 Michael Bay to direct Lobo
17:58 Joker Origin Film casting
21:17 GOT Bros on Star Wars
25:51 Solo trailer
32:24 Venom Trailer
38:47 Untitled Deadpool Sequel Trailer
40:41 Visit eharmony.com and use the promo code PLANET a free one month trial.

44:01 The Cloverfield Paradox (spoilers when we say spoilers)

1:15:55 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read

1:22:38 Letters It’s Time For Letters