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Josh and Dilruk countdown the top ten most downloaded episodes of 2017 with “special” cameos from Broden Kelly (Aunty Donna) and Xavier Michelides.

Check out last week’s episode, part one and the top 10-6, also linked below.

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Things You Might’ve Missed

Part 1 of a 2017 Countdown of the most downloaded episodes of the year.

Josh Earl and Dilruk Jayasinha countdown from 10 – 6 and have a chat in between about what it’s like to be a guest and how much prep Josh does for each show.

Part One Direct download – available here!

Evan at Stupid Old Studios has knocked up a highlight reel for DYKWIA starring Dave Thornton, Demi Lardner, Broden Kelly, Nath Valvo, Adam Richard, Kate McLennan, Dilruk Jayasinha and Dave Callan!

The Most Downloaded Shows (Spoilers!)

10: Nick Cody, Dilruk Jayasinha, Sarah Jones and Rhi Down

We find out who is sticking with stereotyping, how Dilruk got arrested and why Rhi was known as “Funny Rhi” in High School.

09: Tommy Dassalo, Nick Capper, Adam Knox and Ben Vernel

A special themed episode with the guys from Filthy Casuals (Tommy Dassalo, Adam Knox and Ben Vernel) and Nick Capper where we find out who once got caught wanking to a Mel Brooks film, why Capper had two Backpackers jump out of a Station Wagon and how Tommy almost got banned from the internet.

08: Josh Thomas, Lehmo, Harley Breen and Sonia Di Iorio (Live at Some Velvet Morning)

We find out who is hungover, why Harley has his son upstairs and what Lehmo did to get death threats.

07: Ed Kavalee, Dave O’Neil, Nat Harris and Stu Daulman

We find out why Nat’s Dad tried to bribe her, where Dave slept in Denmark what amazing fact brings Stu and Ed closer together.

06: Fiona O’Loughlin, Nath Valvo, Adrienne Truscott and Adam Knox

We find out Nath’s plan to relax the men of the world, who Fiona wants a judge to get rid of and why Adrienne had a 6 person security detail for her gig.

05: Dave Thornton, Claire Hooper, Adam Richard and Tessa Waters

We find out who was reviewed as a randy lothario, how did Tessa deal with a large man in Taree and why was Adam singing Karaoke in Brisbane.

04: Jo Stanley, Dilruk Jayasinha, Tommy Dassalo and David Quirk Live at Some Velvet Morning

We find out who wants to bash people, why Dilruk is wearing slippers on stage (on possibly to a date) and how Jo found herself with her hand up a cows arse.

03: John Safran, Demi Lardner, Nick Capper and Aaron Gocs

We find out who once did an acting class with Mark Seymour, Why Gocsy got fired from a “Pizza House” and who is crying up trees.

02: Nick Mason, Greg Larsen, Laura Dunemann and Ben Russell

We find out who loves soggy chips, why Ben was in a Star Trek online role playing game and why Greg is going to fight Angry Anderson.

01: Hamish Blake, Celia Pacquola, Lawrence Mooney and Dave Callan

We find out whose omen for falling in love is seeing a one armed woman, how an 8 year old Hamish made a huge mistake and just what Dave got up to at Burning Man.